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Home Security, Marshal Eviction in Brooklyn, NY

Home security door locks installation

We have all kind of door locks that suits your need and budget: Traditional, Tubular Latch, Sashlock, Euro Cylinder, Rim Lock, Locks with deadbolt, Proximity Card Lock, Touchpad Lock and Biometric Lock. We, your residential locksmith services, use ANSI Grade 1 door locks, and Key Control locks - that cannot be copied only by manufacture, or special locksmiths with permissions. We install Security Strike Plate, We use long Throw (1" is the minimum recommended), Saw Resistant bolts, Hardened Vased Steel and Beveled Casings, Anti Drill Features, Bump Proof Locks. We will meet any security demand you will ask for.
Home Security

Home Security

We Specialize in Home Security. If you need an Alarm System, Hardwire or wireless, Cellular and Voice dialers, Glass break detectors, Motion Detectors, Sirens and strobes, Windows and door contacts, Door and Driveway alarm, Safes, Security lights, CCTV, Security cameras and surveillance equipment, We provide fast delivery and installation service, so you can be assured that your home is in safe.

Marshal evictions

A city marshal may conduct an eviction or legal possession only after a court has ruled on the property owner's petition for removal and issued a Warrant of Eviction. 
If you got a Warrant for eviction or legal possession, you will be able to have all locks to your apartment or store replaced. We can replace any lock with minimum damage to the property, Without breaking any walls, or harming the door.

Marshal Evictions

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