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Q    How Secured is a Lock ?

A    You should always consider both the door physical strength, the cylinder and then the lock to determine how secured is your lock. Consult a professional locksmith to make sure you get the right level of security you need. lock

Q    I have just moved to my new apartment/house/business. I got all the keys from the owner, Should I Re-Key ?

A    Always Rekey the locks in any new place you live or own. You can never know who else has duplicates of the keys you are holding. Some keys have a code on them, so even if you have all the keys another set can be reproduced. Be the only owner of your locks and keys. lock

Q    Should I use a double sided deadbolt ? (having a key on both side to open the door)

A    You need to check with local law or ask a local locksmith is it permitted. If you have a glass door or a window near the door handle, it would be wise to do so, so a burglar would not be able to open the door by breaking the glass and reaching the inside lock.

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